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The developing hi-tech industry in southern Israel has led to the need to find housing solutions for experts who come to relocations from around the world. The southern cities that offer suitable housing in great proximity for community services and entertainment options are mainly Ashkelon, Ashdod and Kiryat Gat.
In this page we review the options offered by each of these cities, all supported by RELO-360, in either flat rent, house rent, fully maintained flats, partly maintained flats, hotel accommodations, etc.


Located along the Mediterranean beach, 76 km south of Tel Aviv and 25 km east of Kiryat Gat.


Ashkelon has a population of about 150,000 and is considered one of the largest and most developed coastal and tourist cities in Israel.


In Ashkelon there are shopping centers, marinas and spacious parks. In recent years, Ashkelon has been in a development boom.


New and modern residential districts were built throughout the city. For example, in the Marina district there are 2-3 room apartments with an area of 45-60 square meters furnished. while some buildings also offer a swimming pool, gym and/or jacuzzi. The Marina District is also a recreation center offering a variety of restaurants and entertainment venues and close to the boardwalk. 


The city is located along the beach about 53 km south of Tel Aviv and about 37 km from Kiryat Gat. The city has about 250,000 inhabitants and is considered the 6th largest city in Israel. 


The city is the second largest port in Israel, as well as an extensive industrial marina, a regional hospital, shopping centers and multiple entertainment and cultural centers.


The city of Ashdod has a large community of French speakers and the place and therefore an excellent variety of restaurants and entertainment in the city.


Several new quarters in the city and offer modern furnished apartments in various areas and levels Rigging different.  Most of the apartments in Ashdod designed as family apartments and therefore in an area of ​​90-170 square meters and 4-6 rooms and priced accordingly.


Kiryat Gat

The city ​​has about 62,000 residents and is located in Ramat Lachish, about 40 km north of Be'er Sheva and about 60 km southeast of Tel Aviv.


The city has an industrial area with a variety of hi-tech factories (Intel and HP are just 2 examples) as well as new residential areas that offer apartments in a variety of sizes.


The apartments in the city are designed for families, so the area will usually range between 80-140 square meters, but due to the distance from the center of the country, the price is reasonable.



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