Do you want to make a move to Israel? Or arriving in Israel shortly? Many things are there to keep in mind before arriving in Israel.

Seven million people are already residing in Israel, which includes 80% Jewish population.

Israel has a story of having the cultures and customs of Jews. And there are already many American expats living in Israel.

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Points American expats in Israel Should Know

If you are soon going to be an expat in Israel, then there are a few points that you should remember:

  1. All Jewish are entitled to Israeli citizenship, according to the Law of Return.
  2. During their first year in Israel, Newcomers are free from obtaining health insurance fees.
  3. If you live in Israel, don’t forget to carry essential papers and your ID proof along with you.
  4. Israel’s working week is from Sunday to Thursday.


Let’s talk about language first; before American expats in Israel, you should be aware of the official languages. Hebrew and Arabic are Israel’s official languages. While the English Language is spoken widely in the entire country.

When we talk about the climatic condition of Israel, there is a Mediterranean climate. It has hot, long, dry summers and short, cool, wet winters relatively.


If you intend to be an expat to Israel, intensive expert training and educational experience are needed.

Israel’s strong economy shows that career opportunities are likely for the best applicants.

Many jobs, such as English speakers, are there for expats in Israel. You can find a job in Israel if you are seeking a position in the Information Technology division.

Life Of American Expats Living In Israel

Israel is fascinating to many expats for visiting and enduring a standard of living. And these symbols are available to only those with necessary financial resources.

The bulk number of expats in Israel has relocated because of religious persistence. It is easy for Jewish to relocate, as Israeli law states any Jews can freely settle in Israel.


If you are thinking of relocating to Israel later, remember it is both stressful and overwhelming. These points might help you to live in Israel like a pro. For more advice, you can communicate with Relo 360 and get help from choosing the form to settle in Israel.