Finding It Difficult to Send a Foreign Ex-Pat to Israel? If yes, your organization needs to be a recognized sponsor in Israel to complete this process.

Do you find this process tiresome and confusing? Sometimes it takes months or more before you begin the visa processes for it.

So, what is the reliable solution then?

It’s our payroll services in Israel.

Our payroll services in Israel have helped thousands of businesses so far. No matter what the business domain is, our services remain the same for all – effective and progressive.

If you would like to have a new employee working for you within 4 to 6 weeks of the recruitment process, then consider us for payroll services in Israel. At Relo 360, we work to get your things done righteously while helping your organization attain some additional leverages at its best.

Relo 360 as a part of Kan-Tor & Acco Group 

Being an integral part of Kan-Tor & Acco Group, we are highly recommended as a preferred sponsor in Israel thus can become a temporary employer for the competitive candidates. We do so, to enrol the best talents in your organization and contribute to let you touch the highest level of successes.

This makes it clear criteria, you pay us, and we will pay you knowledgeable employees ten folding your organization’s profit rate.

Why look for our payroll services in Israel?

Before you collaborate with us, we would like to give you countless reasons for associating with us!

  1. Hassle-free and faster start to employment in Israel
  2. Low-risk factor as the payroll time can be referred to as the probation period.
  3. Immediate referral to the payroll upon attaining the work permit
  4. No need to be an Israeli sponsor. This makes our payroll services in Israel an ideal option or companies with temporary or one-time projects.
  5. Daily contract termination possible


“We needed our new employee to start urgently. We had no Israeli sponsor yet. In the first 3 months, our employee was placed on Relo360 payroll. A perfect solution!”

– James Beckham., HR-Manager in the Energy Sector

Since 2009, Relo360 has assisted numerous companies and agencies by providing competitive and knowledgeable employees. As part of additional services, we offer comprehensive relocation services, including assistance upon arrival, visa application, day-to-day support, and much more.

Ready to try our payroll services in Israel?

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