If you are thinking of moving to Israel, then you have to keep in mind many necessary things to become US expats in Israel. Generally, residency in Israel is not granted to you if you are not coming for work.

It is tough for a foreigner to move to Israel unless they are Jewish or marry an Israeli national. You will get a temporary residence permit if you are coming to Israel for work.

But suppose you somehow manage to stay in the country. In that case, you will get many benefits, especially if you are an entrepreneur, investor, and self-employed because Israel is the perfect destination to start a new business.

work and travel visa in Israel

If you want to be an expat in Israel and want to get a visa to Israel, then you should have a valid reason to move to the country. If you want a temporary Israel visa, you will have to pass a medical exam and get the Ministry of Interior approval.

The visa application’s processing time for Israel also varies from job to job. It will take up to 3 months, and the submission fees will cost up to 1,190 ILS (337 USD). So you have to wait to get an Israeli visa. The moving process is also complicated, and the shipping of your household items to Israel is via ship or air.

US Expats in Israel


If you want to be an expat to Israel, then the customs will allow you to bring your belongings in a total of three shipments. Your shipment must arrive within three years of the date of your entry into the country because it is necessary.

If you are entering the country, then it is mandatory for you to keep a detailed list of everything you are bringing for the customs with receipts. The customs department will check all the lists and match them with the receipts before entering the country.

If you want to buy a house in Israel, you must pay a purchase tax. If you want a set up for electricity, gas, or water, you must provide your lease, credit card information, and ID proof.

Wrap Up

There are many things you have to keep in mind if you want to move to Israel. If you are a US investor and have successfully obtained the B/5 investor visa, then you can become a permanent resident of Israel.