So you have a business, and you want to expand your business in the global market to increase your brand’s awareness, then you must visit Israel for several business opportunities. If you are thinking of getting a work visa in Israel, then your employees must have highly specialized skills, on then they can get a work visa.

The immigration and employment process is a time-consuming and daunting task. You can consider a reputed firm that can help you because they will ensure that your visa transition process is as smooth as possible.

visas and work permits

Different types of working visas are offered by the Israeli government, such as:

If you want to travel to Israel, then you have to obtain a B/1 work visa, but this visa is only valid for 30 days. If you want to work in Israel beyond 30 days, you have to obtain a work permit. You can also apply for a work and travel visa in Israel.

Requirements of Getting a Work Visa in Israel

The following documents will be required to get a work visa in Israel:

The application process to get a work visa in Israel is the collaboration between the foreign worker and the employer. You have to submit the application to the Ministry of Interior in Israel if you are an employer.

You have to submit all the essential documents to your country as well. The process for getting a work visa will take up to four to eight weeks. When you get approval for a work visa, you can travel and begin working for the company in Israel.

Wrap Up

It is important to note that the work permits are valid for an initial period of one year, and you have to renew them annually as long as you want to live and work in Israel. It is vital for the employee to carry their passports and work permits with them all the time.